Wednesday, August 31, 2011

A Pre-Introduction? Does that makes sense?

A girl on a journey to become healthy!

I hit a high of 270.8lbs in January 2010, and it wasn't until our family put together a weight-loss competition that I was able to find the motivation to get healthy.  I lost a total of 53.8lbs during the competition and ended at a weight of 217lbs.  This is when I began to struggle.

After the competition I continued on my journey to get healthy on and off, but I seemed to fluctuate much more than I had intended to.  Truth be told, these fluctuations are what lead to my sporadic disappearances from my YouTube channel.  I abandoned my viewers and subscribers out of shame, embarrassment,  and fear of disappointing them.

I guess I failed to remember that I have the most unbelievably supportive viewers on the planet who have never, not even for a moment, made me feel anything but great about myself and have been an incredible support system for me throughout my journey to become healthy.

When you share such a personal part of yourself with the world, sometimes it's hard to remember that you're still only human.  I'm not perfect.  I'm going to make mistakes.  I will have times when I falter.  Sometimes, I am going to fall down...What I need to work on now is realizing that even if I fall, I have over a thousand awesome people who are there to help pick me back up!  I should be embracing that kind of support, not running away from it.

So from here on out, no more smoke and mirrors.  Mistakes or not, I will lay it all out to be seen. It has been  wonderful to hear that I have inspired people, but what I strive for now is the courage not to run away.  I want to be healthy, and without mistakes, we can't learn.  So here we go....

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