Sunday, September 4, 2011

20.45 miles?! Ain't No Thang!

Well, luckily for me I woke up in a much better mood than yesterday!  My muscles were achy from the gym yesterday, but it was one of those good feeling aches; the ones that make you feel like you really accomplished something :)  Maybe that's what helped boost my mood.

Bike Path along the water.
Today my boyfriend suggested we go biking.  Where I live, we have an incredible bike path that runs about 25 miles.  If we get on it from our house, we have a nice ride to the end and back and it's about 10 miles each way.  My boyfriend actually uses the bike path to commute to work!  I think he's nuts, but he loves it!

So anyway, it was a gorgeous day for a bike ride!  It was a little muggy out, and really windy, so it was a bit more difficult today for me than it usually is (that and my quads were already sore!).  So by the end of the ride I had gone 20.45 miles in 1 hour 48 minutes and burned over 1200 calories!!!  It really is a beautiful ride, so even though it takes a bit out of ya, it doesn't feel like boring, grueling exercise :)

My legs felt like dead stems by the end of the trip, but man did I feel awesome!  It would have been more awesome if I could have ended my physical activity there and took a rest, but we also decided to close our pool today... so the work continued!  After scooping leaves out of the pool from the hurricane, and scrubbing the pool clean, my arms were almost as tired as my legs!  I feel a bit beat now, but on the plus side, I was literally active all day long! Not too shabby!

I just wanted to say thanks for the couple of comments on my blog yesterday.  Just knowing that you guys were there for me helped get me through my tough day I was having!  You guys are the best!  Now, it's time for some much earned relaxation!!!

xoxo Pretty T

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