Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Fig Newtons Minis? Yes Please!

Only 4 WW Points Plus!
I was shopping in the grocery store last week and stumbled across these little treasures! Fig Newtons Minis! I instinctively took out my WW Points Plus calculator to figure out how many points I was looking at before I got too excited.

4.... hmmm...

Four points is a bit much (for me) to spend on such an empty snack.  By empty I mean that it has no real nutritional value, just tasty calories.  So, having the crazy cookie craving that I was having at the time, I decided to whip out my iPhone and "ask Google" what people thought about these intriguing little packets of yum.

I didn't have to search too far before I stumbled across someone's review of them, and they seemed to think it was worth buying, so into my cart they went!

Fig Newtons Minis

Let me tell you, I was not disappointed!  In fact I thought they were so tasty that I decided to write about it just in case there is another person out there standing in the cookie aisle with their phone out trying to find out of people think these treats are worth buying!

Like I mentioned, they are 4 WW Points Plus, and you get about 8 - 9 cookies in the bag.  They taste just like regular fig newtons, just bite sized!

Now I want to compare these delicious little treats to this next product that I almost got swindled by!
 Meet Newtons Fruit Thins.  I saw these advertised on TV and thought, "Oooh! The goodness of Fig Newtons without the calories! Maybe I can actually enjoy these!"  BEEEEEP WRONG!

I was so excited too, it was kind of sad haha.  I whipped out the calculator, entered the data, "Oh great! Only 4 points!" .... until I saw the serving size!


Yeah, there is no way that it is worth 4 of my daily points to chow down three measly little cookies! And they're not even the real deal! They're the "thinned down" version of an awesome cookie!

So if you're interested in any of these snacks, go for the Fig Newtons Minis all day long!  Definitely worth a try!

xoxo Pretty T

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