Friday, September 2, 2011

Day 2

Today was surprisingly easy for me.  I think it had to do with the fact that I was all over the place today running errands and never really had a chance to even think about eating.  I actually had to force myself to stop and take a time-out so I could make myself have some lunch.

Pesto Chicken Alfredo with veggies and cherry awesomeness
OK, so I know some of you are super opposed to the idea of frozen meals, but these are totally a life saver for me sometimes.... especially when I'm craving pasta!  Forced portion control!  I actually don't eat these that often at all, but today, the sound of pesto chicken alfredo just sounded great (plus I get those awesome sweet little cherry thingies)!

The only thing that's really getting at me is that I didn't exercise today.  I woke up just feeling beat.  I wanted to go biking, but then I had so many errands to run that the thought of biking before hand made me feel even more exhausted.  I didn't worry too much about it then because I figured I'd be hitting the gym when my boyfriend got home... well turns out he was beat too.  I tried to get him to go for a walk with me, but he was just not up for it.  I even got desperate enough to ask my mother to go walking with me, but she had biked earlier and was a little sore.  I wish it wasn't dark out :(

So tomorrow morning I am going to the gym for the first time since before I left for my cruise.  It should be interesting :)  I'm definitely hitting the weights but I haven't decided on what cardio I should do quite yet.  Running? Arc Trainer? Elliptical?  I guess I'll figure it out when I get there! Wish me luck!

xoxo Pretty T

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