Sunday, September 11, 2011

First Competition Weigh-In!

I am so excited!  Although, I'm also a tad bit frustrated because I am only going to partially share this excitement with you today!  First, let me give you the run-down of the competition...

There are 7 contestants, including me.  We each put in $50 to the prize pool, so there will be $350 prize money at the end.  The contest runs from September 1st - December 31st.  We are weighing in every two weeks, but because Sept. 1st was on a Thursday, our first weigh-in wasn't after a full two weeks, it was a week and a half (11 days exactly).  From now on, all weigh-ins are going to be on Sundays.

Now the reason this causes a small skew with my videos is that I can't make videos on weekends, so my videos will continue to be made every 2 Thursdays (my only real "free" day during this semester at school).  So, what that means is that I'm not going to tell you my weight until my next video on this coming Thursday, but I am going to show you the leader-board (edited for the sake of this blog).  Soooo.... here we go!

Stay tuned to find out how I did in the first weigh-in!

As you can tell, everyone did really well!  I know that this competition is going to be a bit more tight than the last one because the people involved are all motivated... especially since at the end of this competition we will all be wanting to look our best on our week long Caribbean cruise!

So on this Thursday, when I post a new video on My YouTube Channel, I will reveal the full results of the first weigh-in, as well as my current weight as of that day!  I'll also be trying on those new "goal jeans"! I'm so excited to see if they fit any better!!!

Stay motivated everyone!
xoxo Pretty T

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